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Getting You the Best Scholarship Offers

According to, there are approximately 32,000 high school senior girls and 30,000 high school senior boys who want to swim in college every year. This does not include the approximate 8,000 internationals girls and 9,000 international boys who want to come to the U.S. every year.
Also according to, there are less than 1800 openings for girls and 1500 for boys every year at colleges that offer swimming. These are openings, not scholarships. ACC only works with around 50 high school senior girls and 50 high school senior boys every year.
NCAA Division I men’s teams have an average roster of 24 swimmers and divers but a limit of 9.9 scholarships to award per team. Only about 65% of the men’s team offer swimming and diving scholarships. Generally half of a men’s team is on no swimming scholarship at all.There are approximately 24 women swimmers and divers per team in the same scenario. This means the average award covers less than 1/3 of annual college costs, and this assumes swimming and diving are fully funded sports at the specific school you are applying for. Swimming is an equivalency sport for NCAA limits, so partial scholarships can be awarded as long as the combined equivalent awards do not exceed the limit. 
This demonstrates the importance of negotiating and selling your potential correctly. Negotiating scholarships can be a time consuming and difficult process. Most often, the first offer is not the best offer from a coach. We can help you get the best offer possible.
We can make a difference. 
Our swimmers are seriously recruited by an average of 38 universities and are on scholarships averaging $108,000. This would cover the entire cost of attendance for most four year colleges in the nation. 
Our ideal goal is to get you in and out of college debt free. We will teach you how to leverage one school’s offer against another.
Here are some important things we can help you with during this process: 
  • Coaches rely on a certain set of standards, including specific swim times, when they offer scholarships. We will let you know what times you need for each school to have a shot at a scholarship and what it takes to make the travel team.
  • Only about 65% of the D-I schools have swimming scholarships. We can pinpoint the ones who do and only focus on those during the recruiting process. 
  • We know the secret formula coaches across the nation use to build their teams. 
  • Much of the decision making process for the coaches goes into the ask. We will teach you the most appropriate way to ask for the scholarship you deserve.