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Nothing compares to swimming in college in the U.S. No other country is able to offer what the NCAA does: a chance to get a great education and a chance to reach full potential in swimming. For an international swimmer, it is critical to find the right fit for a coach who will support the swimmer’s goals of returning to their home club and for goals that include possibly representing their country. It can be very difficult for international families to know which schools would be a good fit for academics and swimming for their swimmer. We suggest schools that could be a good fit for academics and swimming to the families then we contact those coaches directly/personally.

How to find schools that offer the right fit for academics. Our number one priority is to help the swimmer find the right fit for education first. Our Academic Advisor helps the family understand how the recruiting process works from the academic side. We send the families a list of schools that could be the right fit for what the swimmer wants to study and the right fit for swimming. We then contact those coaches directly to get them interested in the swimmer.

How to find the right fit for swimming. We have personal connections with nearly every college coach in the U.S. and Canada. We know the ones who will support international goals and those who don’t.

How to find schools that are affordable. Many international families are not able to pay the full cost at many U.S. universities. Although we are not allowed to guarantee a scholarship by the NCAA; we are very successful in helping families find schools that are affordable and teach the swimmers how to ask for scholarships the right way.

What’s it like to be a college swimmer. We have a Life-Skills program for our swimmers that helps them learn how to prepare for life as a college student-athlete.

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