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The big day is finally here. This is the week where you look over your shoulder at those who love you the most and begin the adventure of your life; college and college swimming. Your reward and gratification for those classroom and pool hours are here!

Like any child and parent, your emotions run the gamut from happy, sad, a little scared, very proud, excited, and thankful for this wonderful opportunity for future success. No doubt you’ve packed your favorite suit, cap and goggles, comfy clothes to wear in the dorm, and your favorite stuffed animal!

Simple, undisputable fact: your parents will miss you! The refrigerator will be empty with their swimmer gone! They won’t know what to do on weekends without swim meets! The house won’t smell of chlorine and wet towels!

And you will miss your parents! The animals, the homemade cookies, barbequing at home, the refrigerator always full, all for you!

Have you said Thank-you? To everyone that has helped you on this wonderful adventure, those two little words speak volumes about the adult you have become. Believe it or not, some of these people you may never see again. Thank them all. Be kind and gracious to everyone. After all, they are the ones who helped get you to this point.


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