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Selling Your Potential

College coaches are approached by athletes constantly. These busy coaches often don’t have the time to invest into looking at each student closely enough to realize their true potential. We can guide you in this process to bypass all of the noise to get your name on the minds of the top coaches on your list. A parent will always represent their child in the greatest light during the recruiting process. We are here to give some validity to this representation. 
Most club coaches are stacked as the season begins and closes and don’t have the time necessary to dig their heels in and help you get noticed. With the ACC team, you’ll work with dedicated former college swimming coaches to sell your potential. 
We teach you how to sell your own potential by using your goals and visions for the future. We got into this business because we know what coaches want when they look for potential in a recruit. 
Ask yourself these questions when beginning the recruiting process:
  • Do you know what your best events are for college swimming? 
  • Do you know how your events fit in with the college format?
  • Do you have someone who will analyze your race video for the college coaches and point out all of the things that sell your potential? 
  • Do you know how important wingspan, kicking ability and shoe size is for recruiting?
  • Do you know how to take winning recruiting video? 
We provide you with specific recruiting video instructions and as former college swimming coaches, we analyze your video and point out all of your strengths to the coaches. We work directly with you and the coaches. Our goal when working with the coaches is to point out the things they may have missed to showcase your potential for success. 
You have worked very hard and you have earned the opportunity to have a successful college career! Let ACC help you get there. 
Below are some words college coaches (initials used only because they are not able to endorse our services directly) have sent us on relationships we have helped to build. 
Dear Rick, No one shows a recruit’s potential like ACC does. Ya’ll point out things that I miss when I watch the races. It is a big help to us coaches and really gives your recruits a huge advantage. We sure appreciate what you do. Thanks. R.S. D-I Head Coach
Hi Coach, Well, what can I say? Sarah Bateman turned out to be exactly the swimmer you said she’d be. I can’t believe that I almost passed on her. I am really glad we listened to you. I was afraid she was too short to be an NCAA Champ. Boy was I wrong. Keep ‘em coming. S.J. Recruiting Coordinator, D-I National Champions
Gotta thank you from the bottom of my heart for the recruits you sent us. I know we would not have been in the top 10 at NCAA’s without them. D-III, Head Coach
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