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Meet Guy Harrison-Murray, Recruiting Coordinator for American College Connection. His impressive accomplishments in swimming and successful recruiting experiences lend him unique expertise in the field of collegiate sports recruitment.
Born in the UK before moving to Perth, Australia at 13, Guy’s affinity for swimming led him to numerous accolades, both at the national and international level. As a seasoned athlete, he has competed at the 2015 IPC World Championships, 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games, and the 2018 Pan Pacific Championships in Cairns.
In 2017, Guy moved to Canada and joined Acadia University’s swim team, quickly becoming a vital contributor to the team’s success. His relentless drive and strategic recruiting efforts as captain of the team were instrumental in leading Acadia University to its first championship win in 39 years in 2020. Guy’s efforts didn’t stop there. He extended his contributions beyond the pool and took on the role of an interim head coach at Acadia Swimming, where he continued to shape the future of the team helping swimmers break Conference records.
Upon graduation in 2021, Guy was honored with the distinguished ‘Athenaeum and Acadia Alumni Student of the Year’ award, a testament to his exceptional leadership, community service, and contribution to the life and spirit of Acadia University.
Today, as a key part of American College Connection, Guy leverages his unique blend of personal experience, tactical know-how, and deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of young swimmers. His proven track record in identifying and recruiting top talents, coupled with his firsthand experience in collegiate swimming, positions him as an invaluable asset to any aspiring swimmer looking to take their talents to the collegiate level.
Guy Harrison-Murray is more than just a Recruiting Coordinator – he is a mentor, guide, and partner in your journey to college swimming success.
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