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There are 4 critical components of successful college recruiting.

To chase or not to chase a college coach. We get the coaches to initiate contact with the swimmer. This is a very important part of receiving a swimming scholarship. When you chase a college coach you chase scholarship money off the table.

How much faster will you be? Since the recruiting process is starting much earlier than ever before, it is essential to have someone who can sell the swimmer’s potential to the coaches. We are able to get the coaches to see how fast the swimmer might go in their freshman year in college.

How to determine which schools could be the right fit. We put together a list of schools for the parents and swimmer that could be the right fit for academics and swimming. The swimmer lets us know what schools they would like to hear from and we contact each coach personally.

How to play the recruiting game. Make no mistake about it, recruiting is a game. We teach the parents and swimmers how to play the game. We help the parents understand what questions they need to be asking. We teach the swimmer how to ask for scholarships the right way, how to talk on the phone with coaches, and how to sell their own potential. We keep the families updated on NCAA rule changes and new trends in the recruiting process.

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