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Did ACC help guide them to their ultimate decisions for which college to choose?  The answer is yes!
We first heard about ACC at a swim meet a couple years back. Knowing we were at the beginning process of researching colleges for our son and trying to make a plan, I looked into ACC and what they could offer us. I also conferred with other parents I knew who used ACC and already had their student/athletes in college. Did it work for them? Were they happy with the decisions they made and did ACC help guide them to their ultimate decisions for which college to choose? …The answer is yes!
We knew our son was not a top 20 D1 recruit. So getting a full-ride athletic scholarship was not going to happen. We knew he could have great success in college with the right academics along with the right level of competition. The possibilities are vast. Where to start?
ACC helped us to choose a path to select a college that best suited our son both academically and athletically. The ACC staff assisted in pointing us in the right direction for testing into college, what forms to be sure to have, reaching out to potential coaches and making a connection for the athlete. Donny and his support staff gave us the guidance, confidence, and direction to know our student/athlete could make a decision with full confidence. To be sure, ACC does not hold the family by their hand and do all the work for them. A family has to do their homework. But they can call or email and ask questions that Donny and the ACC staff undoubtedly know the answers to that provides a reference for the families to better their decision making.
In the end, our son is attending an out of state private college, receiving a 4-year merit scholarship that exceeded our expectations and will be swimming in one of the top D3 college swim and dive conferences in the country. Ultimately it was our son’s decision to choose which school and which coach he wanted to learn from and ACC helped him to make the best decision.
Bryan Schultz

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