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Instead of giving you a fish, they teach you how to fish
Choosing a college is a momentous and stressful process for both students and parents. It’s a huge commitment that tries to balance cost, academics and campus life; without discipline it can easily lead to paralysis by analysis. For the student athlete the complexity only increases with the additional degrees of freedom and wide variety of collegiate athletic programs. While choosing a college needs to be a smart business decision, and a wise investment, in reality students and parents don’t go through this often enough to have the experience needed for making optimal decisions. In this respect American College Connection was truly a godsend for us. They are a unique recruiting education program: their expertise is second to none (all their specialists are former division I college coaches and Olympic coaches); they know all college coaches and all programs at all schools; they’ll give you timely, truly invaluable, advice on everything (including things you didn’t even know you needed to know); they even help with SAT/ACT preparation; they’ll guide your steps through the entire process and they’ll customize each step to your specific situation in ways you didn’t think was possible. But what makes them absolutely unique is that eventually they’ll educate YOU into making the decision that is best for you. Instead of giving you a fish, they teach you how to fish; and then, they continue to back you up throughout your collegiate career with any advice and assistance you may need.”

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