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Manning Family

Lori Payne proved to be worth far more than what was ever expected. In a process that can be highly sensitive among a spectrum of personalities, expectations, and realities, Lori was excellent at helping navigate. Her depth of knowledge of the programs, coaches, and the pulse of what was going on in the swimming world provided a level of confidence that would have otherwise been impossible to have. While her position requires that she maintain a relationship on the school side of things along with the student/swimmer side of things, there was never any doubt that she was a steward and proponent of your swimmer, first.


Lori filled the valuable 3rd party that I believe every swim family needs at a certain point in the recruiting process – no matter what the circumstances are. Ultimately, she provided as much value to the parents in terms of having someone to talk to, as she did the swimmer himself. Lori was always highly responsive to any phone call, text, or email.


Perhaps most of all, not only did our swimmer gain a friend and ally through this process as he enters his collegiate career, but our family did too.