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Our son, Daniel, loves participating in sports.  Throughout his high school career, he was a 3-sport varsity athlete, enjoying football, swimming and track & field. He did not favor any one of them until his senior year swim season. He had participated in the MN State High School meet in his sophomore and junior seasons but was having a standout year as a senior.

In early March of his senior year, Daniel decided that he would regret not pursuing swimming in college. We were concerned about interest from colleges since Daniel only swims 4 months out of the year. In a discussion with his coaches Ross and Katrina Gerry at wecoach4u, they referred us to Rick at ACC Recruits. Rick recognized his potential right away and actually felt the multi-sport focus could be a real benefit. He was confident that with the right program, coaching, and year-round focus, Daniel could continue to see significant improvement. From there, things moved very fast!

We talked with Rick on Monday, March 8th to get introduced to the process and set up Daniel’s profile. By Wednesday, March 10th, following an email to colleges from Rick, we were getting texts and email inquiries from colleges at all levels. We were blown away by the response! Since we were so late in the process, we truly anticipated a few responses from DII or DIII schools. Not only did Daniel have conversations with mid-major DI schools, but heard from Big 10 and ACC conference schools as well. In the end, Daniel committed to continuing his academic and swimming career at The Ohio State University! When given that opportunity, you can’t pass it up. That option would not have been available to Daniel if not for the work of Rick and ACC Recruits.

I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to Rick and the ACC Recruits team. Three months ago, we never imagined having the great fortune to swim for such an elite program. Rick’s continued guidance and positive encouragement were invaluable to the decision process. He was always so confident in Daniel’s ability to be successful at any level he chose. I will be singing ACC Recruits praises for years to come and will refer anyone that has an interest in swimming in college to give Rick and the team a call before they do anything else.




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