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Rick knows the coaches and their styles
We got started late in the game.  We contacted Rick Paine in early-August going into our daughter’s senior year of high school.  We thought we had a handle on what to do.  After booking an expensive East Coast tour of campuses for mid-August, we called ACC.  In 15-minutes, Rick reviewed our route and gave us a run-down on which of the campuses were a good fit and why or why not.   Rick knows the coaches and their styles, the swim times each requires, which coaches will give your swimmer optimal attention and what campuses tend to provide relevant financial assistance or not.  In addition, Rick was helpful bringing us up to speed on the recruitment process. He helped us put together a very nice profile that he sent to many colleges on our daughter’s behalf, and guided her in the types of questions she should be asking of prospective coaches.  We appreciated being able to pick up the phone, talk to Rick directly, and get our newest round of questions answered and concerns alleviated.  His wealth of knowledge and database of information saved us a lot of time and energy. He’s a warm and friendly individual who seems to genuinely care about our daughter. We’re very happy that we’ve had a chance to work with him and would highly recommend him to others.

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