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Rick Paine & the ACC Team significantly increased the odds of a successful outcome for us. We definitely could not have achieved this on our own
Our decision to work with Rick Paine and his team at ACC Recruits was undoubtedly the best decision we made.
We started out with very little insight into the US College system and the opportunity set available to our son Michael (we live in South Africa)
We were overwhelmed. We did not even know where or how to start. Our very first conversation confirmed that ACC has the experience, depth and quality relationships to help us navigate the recruiting journey. We gained additional comfort from the idea that they were committed for the long-haul (all the way until the end of our son’s college career)
We have just completed the first part of that journey. We are delighted with the outcome.
Our son recently made a verbal commitment to the University of Tennessee. We could not have done it without the advice and educational support of ACC.
Our son was fortunate enough to have serious interest from numerous top Colleges. The interest and offers started virtually immediately and momentum increased significantly in 2017. A potentially arduous task of sifting through the various offers was made easy ….thanks to ACC!!!
We wanted to finalize the decision before the start of his senior year of high school (to enable him to focus on his academic year, without the looming uncertainty over College choices)
In 2017 and early 2018, Rick came alongside us and helped to reduce the number to 4 Colleges that best fit our son’s profile ACC offered
We subsequently reduced this to a short-list of 3 Colleges. ACC arranged for us to visit each College and Rick’s practical advice (and wisdom) made the eventual experience a very enjoyable one. The benefit of having ACC in our corner cannot be overstated – we were able to focus on the key inputs for decision-making and the College Coaches have such a high regard for Rick, that our interactions were free of negotiation games.
We look forward to the next stage – Rick and the team remain an integral part of our journey

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