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Rick’s help all along the way has made our daughter’s college search process successful and smooth.
We are so grateful to have found Rick Paine and ACC! Over the past 2 years, Rick has been a great source of accurate information, sage advice and enthusiastic support.  He has taken the time to get to know our daughter and our family – what is important to us, her hopes and dreams, what motivates her in her academics and her swimming.  As a result of this relationship, he was able to help our daughter work through an unexpected coach and team transition last year.  His calm, wise words and his years of experience gave her confidence that she would be just fine.  Rick has been there to help all of us in whatever way we needed, even when it wasn’t directly related to the college recruiting process.
Our daughter had a great junior year and attracted interest from many top college programs.  Since Rick had already been working with us, she was well prepared to talk to coaches and to begin narrowing her focus so that she could manage the process instead of becoming stressed and overwhelmed by it.  We are glad that we began working with Rick early so that she was ready when the coaches started contacting her.  Because of his help, during her recruiting conversations she was able to present herself well to the coaches and gain valuable information about the colleges and teams.  After that, she was able to decide which colleges she was still interested in and which did not seem to be a good fit.  Rick advised her on how to convey that to the coaches in a sincere and positive way.
Our daughter is very happy with the way she managed the recruiting process.  She was offered excellent scholarships at several top colleges, and it came down to a difficult choice between her top 2 schools.  Again, Rick was there to talk her through the options to make the best decision for her.  She ended up making an early verbal commitment in the late spring of her junior year.  She is thrilled with her college choice and is enjoying a swim-focused summer without any recruiting distractions.
Rick’s help all along the way has made our daughter’s college search process successful and smooth.  We highly recommend Rick Paine and ACC!

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