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Success Stories
The ACC System has helped many students come closer to achieving their dreams.
The true measure of success for any company is the feedback received from it’s clients. We are extremely proud of the results experienced by some of our past student athletes.
“When parents ask me if American College Connection was worth our investment, my answer is a resounding Yes. With the help of his coaches and ACC, our son signed early at a very prestigious university with a top 20 Division I program for a scholarship worth over $70,000. As the result of ACC’s efforts, he had over $200,000 in offers to choose from and he was recruited by over 50 schools.”Debbie Bratten, Mom and Assistant Coach, Ottumwa, Iowa
“Before I signed on with ACC, I tried to attract interest by doing it all myself. The response was minimal. Once I went with ACC, almost immediately the expressions of interest started pouring in by the dozen. I would estimate that we heard from a total of over 60 schools. Tim was being offered athletic scholarships with a total value over four years, which was 50 times greater than the amount we paid to ACC. Looking at it this way, how many investments are you aware of with the potential to return 50 times or more in comparison to your initial outlay?”
Brian Ruse, Parent
“Your service is great! We couldn’t have asked for you to anymore than you did. We couldn’t be happier and we’d recommend your service to anyone.”Gene Manweiler, Parent of a Client, Hoisington, Kansas
“We sent out Karen’s profile and video to numerous colleges and did not receive nay responses. With the help of ACC, Karen was contacted by more colleges than we knew what to do with, in all 55 schools from 28 states. It was a definite benefit having ACC put her profile and video in front of INTERESTED coaches, as none of this would have happened without their expertise.”Richard and Carol Hain, Parents
“I want to make sure that you know how appreciative I am of the wonderful letter you wrote on my behalf. I know that you have many other responsibilities, but you took the time to help me and I can’t express how grateful I am for your kindness. If I have not already told you, I got accepted to UNC and I just gave the coach my commitment. This means that I will be swimming for Carolina next year. I couldn’t have done it without you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!”J. K., Swimmer
“Good Morning! The response from college coaches has been impressive, overwhelming and humbling. Thank you for all that your company has done so far. The decision making process is in the early stages. I appreciate your effort and support. Thanks again.”Jim Bridge, parent and coach, Alexandria, South Dakota
“Natasha’s dream has always been to play college volleyball at a warm weather school. As a result of ACC’s efforts, Natasha will be attending college and playing volleyball on a scholarship in Florida. The college coach admits that he would have never found a player in Nebraska without ACC. Because of ACC’s recruiting program and their director’s reputation, Tasha was recruited by 33 colleges from 20 different states. If anyone would like to find out how much American College Connection cared and what they did for us please call.”Stacie and Bob Bender in Columbus, Nebraska at (402) 563-2834.”
“American College Connection has taught us a lot about the recruiting process that we could have never learned on our own. They have opened doors for Sam that I never knew existed that have resulted in fantastic opportunities. ACC’s personal involvement with us shows that THEY CARE about the kids they work for. I would highly recommend American College Connection to any parent who has a child who dreams of playing college sports.”Stan Keim, Parent, Sabetha, Kansas
“Since our initial contact in the summer of 2002 my son has received hundreds of personal letters from collages all over the USA with sincere interest in his athletic ability. We would never have had the time, resources or the connections it takes to manage this task and make it happen without the help of your company. Without these tools, we would have been a lost ball in high weeds. Also appreciated, is your straight from the hip talk you gave my son on how important his grades needed to be, his presentation of himself and all the tricks of the trade you passed our way. It was a huge help. The only regret I have is not having met you personally to thank you and shake your hand. Will look forward to that down the road and we’ll keep you informed on the career in school.”Sincerely,William J McDonald, Batavia, New York
“ACC really helped Carly focus on what she wanted and needed in a college – both academically and athletically. Rick personally assisted her in making contacts with coaches throughout the country which provided her with a wide variety of recruiting visits. His attention to detail including a web-based personal profile and athletic results link, in addition to the vast network of contacts, opened many windows of opportunity. This resulted in Carly making a school selection that truly was a “best fit” for her”.Craig Knoell, swimming father
“American College Connection offers programs that no one else does and that every high school athlete needs. As a former collegiate athlete, I know how frightening it can be to try to find a school by yourself. ACC’s co-founders played a vital role in helping me locate the right university.”Kyle Seeback, former Canadian National Team Member and practicing Attorney.
“Many times big time programs overlook athletes in less populated states like South Dakota, and that is a mistake. I know that we have great student-athletes in our state that could participate at the Division I level if only they could get recognized. ACC is how this can happen.”Randy Pirner, High School Principal, Elk Point, South Dakota
“Wow this day has been amazing! 29 schools have contacted me on the first day! Thanks so much for all your hard work on this!”Respectfully,L.B., volleyball
“I had a wonderful collegiate experience in the U.S. which has led me to the coaching profession, and my coaching experience has been extremely rewarding. Now is the time for you to start the process to come to the U.S. to swim in college and American College Connection will provide you the best possible guidance in completing the process.”Jan Bidrman, Canadian Olympic Coach, 2000 Olympics
“Everybody and his brother think they can start a scouting company and yet they have no idea what college coaches want or need. We stopped using them because they don’t know what they are doing. American College Connection is the only one we will use because ya’ll are former coaches who understand college athletics.”Division I, Head Coach
“First of all, let me just say this about ACC; through the years, we have had many talented, hard working athletes much like Brooke M.; however, coming from a smaller community without the exposure that large towns and programs provide, many of them did not feel as though they really had the opportunity to continue their swimming at the next level. Your efforts, and Brooke’s determination has changed all that. Others have seen what Brooke has done and now feel like they, too, can do it.”Steve Beaumont, Great Bend High School swim coach
“I talked with one of your clients last night and we actually carried on a conversation. He told me how you instructed him on how to talk with college coaches on the phone. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with him and because of your advice he moves to the top of my recruiting list. I am truly impressed with ACC”Division II Head Coach
You provide an excellent service and the only one that I trust when it comes to swimmers. Your video work is exceptional and your updates on recruits are timely (unlike the other services). Please keep up the great work on behalf of your clients. There’s no doubt that you’re the best. Thanks,John M., Head Coach, Division I Women’s Swimming
“American College Connection is a tremendous organization that has helped my swimmers greatly. Coming from a small town, there was no way any of my swimmers would have been noticed by colleges but with ACC all of them have received letters from colleges, all over the nation, interested in them. One of my swimmers was even offered a scholarship, which never would have happened if it weren’t for ACC. ACC has done a fantastic job in finding colleges interested in my swimmers, I can not say enough good things about them.”Jonathan Mayer, Head Coach – Guymon Swim Team
“What a refreshing idea, honesty and integrity in a recruiting company. American College Connection is the only company I trust.”Head Coach, Division I Volleyball
“We have seen so many fly-by-night recruiting services come and go that’s it is a godsend to have a program like ACC come along.”
Division I, Head Coach
“After you called me to get my opinion on how to set up an athlete profile that baseball coaches would like, I knew your company would be different than any other service out there. Thanks for caring.”Division I, Head Coach
To John Melton, “Your recruiting profile and video is the best I have ever seen.”Division II, Head Coach
“None of these other services had ever asked my opinion on what I need in a recruit, but you guys did. I guarantee you will be the only company I will use for recruiting.”Division I Women’s, Head Coach
“Kids in rural areas of the US don’t have a prayer of being seen by college coaches. The American College Connection is their only hope.”Division II Head Coach

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