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We started working with Rick and the ACC team during our son Donovan’s sophomore year in high school.  Our son had been competing at a high level for several years, and we were advised by our friends to get started early on the college search.  We got some piecemeal advice about the process, such as getting an NCAA clearinghouse number, and we were told about the standard websites for information, but still had no clear direction on how to get started.
Thankfully, we were referred to Rick and ACC, and we quickly got started down the correct path.  He was able to serve as an intermediary to contact coaches from schools that Donovan was interested in, and we could see their responses showing interest appear almost immediately.  This made us feel relieved more than anything because NCAA rules prohibited direct contact before junior year.   We uploaded a few videos to the ACC website, and they edited them nicely to show his strengths and how he races.
When the infamous September 1st date came (when coaches were allowed to contact Donovan directly by email), he was so excited to see his inbox fill up with emails from interested teams!  Rick guided us every step of the way from the initial correspondence, phone calls, and gave invaluable advice about “selling your potential.”  Donovan quickly became confident and proficient at communicating with coaches, and this is a life skill that will serve him well throughout his life.  Rick helped us to arrange visits to several schools, and very much paved the way to success on the visits, so that he would leave a great first impression.
Rick was honest and forthright about what schools were realistic and which ones were a bit of a reach for his times, and also helped to shape our vision of what might be a perfect fit.  I am happy to say that Donovan has accepted a scholarship to swim at his first choice, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He committed in April of his junior year, and he is still so happy and excited about his future collegiate career.
We can’t thank Rick and the ACC team enough, and we absolutely recommend their services to anyone who wants to swim in college.  Regardless of times, academics, or their own goals, ACC will help find the right fit for your swimmer!

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