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The moment I signed with American College Connection the emails started to pour in. The calls started.
Hi Folks. I’m a mom of a diver from Canada. I got a referral from a friendof mine who knew Rick. I called him and was a little skeptical about paying andhiring Rick.After I called him I was impressed and thrilled to hear about his expertise.The moment I signed with American College Connection the emails started topour in. The calls started.I couldn’t believe it. I heard other parents saying they use YouTube andother ideas. I’m so happy that I didn’t do that route.We heard from a lot of great schools. Tons of them. From that moment on Rickand his great team were there to help Tereza and I go down this crazyadventure.  He guided us and gave us wonderful advice.
Tereza received over 4.2 million dollars in scholarships.
She chose a wonderful university. Ifyou are asking as I did: is ACC’s fee really worth it?Well after that amount I just stated, after guiding her and helping her onher act tests, helping Tereza ask great questions to coaches.  Tereza’s nextchapter in her life is PRICELESS!! Did I mention A full ride? One more thingthat was great for me as a mom was that Rick insisted on manners go a longway. Rick was totally accurate on that. The coaches were thrilled thatTereza used great manners.Pick up the phone and call Rick and his great team. It’s 100% worth it foryr child’s future!Thank you.

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