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The recruiting process is a nerve-wracking time for the kids.  And the parents.  Most of us know nothing about it, except maybe some bits and pieces that we’ve heard from others who have gone through it.  With no information or knowledge about this process, it can be extremely stressful.  We don’t know anything about college coaches, their coaching styles, or the team atmosphere.  Using ACC to help us navigate and weed through different schools took loads of that stress off of me, and my boys too.
I signed up with ACC when the boys were sophomores.  I was early in the game, but I would do it EXACTLY the same way.   Rick kept telling me it was a marathon, and he was right. With ACC, we had our timeline and knew what to expect.    But as the clock keeps ticking, if you aren’t prepared, it will become a sprint for you.
You have one chance to get it right.  As parents, we invest in expensive suits,  all our family time is devoted to weekend swim meets, traveling constantly, and spending money on hotels.  How can we NOT get the help we need in that last step, college commitment?
Two boys, two different levels of swimming.  Same dream of swimming at the collegiate level.  Rick Paine was able to successfully help each of them, in different ways, with the same outcome.  Both will be swimming at the collegiate level,  each on a team that is the perfect fit.  I highly recommend taking that last step, investing in your swimmer, by using ACC!  Thanks, Rick!

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