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We are so fortunate that we found you.
Dear Rick,On behalf of our daughter and ourselves we want to thank you for all that you did to assist us in the recruiting process so our daughter can swim at agreat Division 1 school.  Your knowledge about swimming, the schools, theprograms and coaches was invaluable to us.  You also were able to open upher opportunities to schools that we had not considered.  She receivedemails from many coaches and schools within a very short time of being onthe ACC website.  The way you taught us all to approach the recruitingprocess and how to speak with coaches and other swimmers was truly helpful.The scholarships she was offered were as a direct result of your work.You also motivated and encouraged our daughter through the swimming season,making the process less stressful.  You focused on her strengths and helpedher to achieve her goals.  The links and supporting documents that you sentus were very helpful to her and opened her eyes to consider things we hadnot thought of before such as preparing for official visits, factors toconsider and also getting ready for first year.  You gave us differentperspectives and really made us think about what is important to ourdaughter and what was the best fit for her.  You also kept us updated andstayed with us throughout the process even after she had selected a school.We are so fortunate that we found you through a recommendation from our clubteam coach and we would highly recommend you and ACC to any swimmerinterested in swimming in the USA at any of the division levels.  We lookforward to keeping you updated on her progress and happiness which we aresure will continue throughout the next 4 years.Thanks again for everything!

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