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We are so grateful and we thank you and your team
Starting our research into American universities and their swim programmes was overwhelming, to say the least. With so many great universities, we didn’t know where to start! Rick Paine came highly recommended and signing with ACC changed that overnight….literally! The response was immediate and bountiful; we could surely never have made that happen on our own.
Rick’s years of experience and personal insight greatly informed us and his intimate knowledge of so many of the coaches and their swim programmes, really helped Jade to make an informed decision. Rick patiently navigated Jade through an exciting but often overwhelming process at a busy time in her matric year while always paying attention to her academic goals as well as her swimming goals.
This was one of the best investments we have ever made and the comfort that comes with knowing that Rick will walk the whole of this journey with Jade is immeasurable.
Jade gave her commitment to the University of Arizona and is beyond excited! Rick, you are the ultimate professional and you’ve helped Jade to fulfill a dream of swimming at a top division I university; this is a privilege of note! We are so grateful and we thank you and your team for your role in making that happen.

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