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While current college coaches are not allowed to endorse any recruiting services, we have several former college coaches who we worked with for years, and this is what they have to say about us:
“American College Connection has been the best recruiting tool that I have experienced over the last 40 years. Probably the best part of it is the follow up of honest appraisal  given by Rick Paine on each candidate. His assessment has always been spot on each time I have asked his opinion on specific candidates. Using American College Connection has positively helped our program over the years.”
C. Rob Orr
Former Coach Princeton University
third on the all-time wins list for Division I swimming coaches

“The American College Connection has proven to be the best single source that we rely on for information about prospective student athletes. We value their recommendations and have a high level of trust in the information they provide for us.”
Rick, you have provided a valuable service for us and I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with you.
Dennis Pursley; Former Alabama Head Coach
named one of the 25 most influential people in the history of USA Swimming in 2003
five time Olympic coach
inducted into the American Swimming Coaches Hall of Fame in 2006
USA Olympic Team staff and was awarded 1980 “Coach of the Year” honors by the American Swimming Coaches Association.
the first head coach of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)
the first USA Swimming National Team Director in 1989
Head Coach of the Olympian Swim Club in Edmonton, Alberta
Olympic head coach of the British team in 2012

“Rick and his associates at American College Connection provided our coaches with consistently great information about prospects. We could quickly determine if the prospect might possibly be a good fit. Rick responded to my questions quickly and was willing to communicate with the prospect to help us gain further information. Over the years, we landed several great recruits whom we had not been in touch with prior to Rick reaching out to us. ACC is a great resource for both college coaches and prospects.”
Rich DeSelmFormer Head Coach
University of North Carolina

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