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I can honestly say that without the help of Rick and ACC I would not be where I am now. When I met Rick, I was a raw athlete from out-state Nebraska who had only been swimming for two years and had no clue how to go to the next level. With Rick’s help, coaches from all divisions of the NCAA were in contact with me and I eventually found my way on deck to a small, liberal arts school. There I became an All-American with invitations from an elite sprint group to train for the 2008 Trials. During my collegiate career I fell in love with the sport. Currently I am pursuing my Ph.D. at Indiana University as part of the Counsilman Center for the Science of Swimming and through the years have coached multiple Senior National and Olympic Trial qualifying swimmers. None of this would have been possible without Rick and ACC’s help taking that next step.


Ben Skutnik

PhD Candidate and Associate Instructor

The Counsilman Center for the Science of Swimming

Indiana University – Bloomington

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