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Why ACC?

Who We Are?

American College Connection is the only Recruiting Education Company in the world that provides a personalized approach to recruiting for swimming. Our priority is to help the swimmers find the right fit for academics by leveraging their swimming. We have a worldwide clientele of student-athletes and their families. All of us are former college swim coaches with the exception of our Academic Advisor who is a teaching professional. We help the families identify schools that would be a good fit for academics and swimming and we contact the coaches directly.


There are two services that we provide (that no one else does) that are critical for successful recruiting: we get the coaches to initiate contact with the swimmers (better scholarship offers) and as former college swim coaches we are able to sell the swimmers’ potential to the coaches.


We teach our families how to play the recruiting game and we are with them until their swimmer finishes college.

Mission Statement

American College Connection: Former college swim coaches helping swimmers get recruited.


To be a world-renowned recruiting education company that helps swimmers from all over the world* make their dreams a reality by helping them find their perfect fit for academics and swimming in college.


American College Connection’s values align with the diversity, equity, and inclusion values of USA Swimming. We are an all inclusive company that welcomes employees and families regardless of race, gender, identity, ethnicity, or religion.

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Scholarships Awarded to Date


Our swimmers are seriously recruited by approximately 38 universities and are on scholarships* averaging $122,000 over 4 years.

*by rules of NCAA, we are not allowed to guarantee scholarships.


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