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Recruiting Process Tips for Club Coaches
At American College Connection we try to engage the club coach in the recruiting process. After all, it is their coaching that has enabled their ...
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Is Division 1 Swimming and Diving Right for You? Understanding the Pros and Cons, and Learning How to Become a Division 1 Swimmer or Diver
Many high school swimmers and divers aspire to compete at the collegiate level, particularly within the elite NCAA Division 1. However, you might wonder, “Is ...
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Uncovering the Benefits and Pros of Pursuing a Swimming Scholarship
Becoming an accomplished swimmer isn’t just about improving swimming skills or aiming for the times of Michael Phelps. Today, many dedicated swimmers in the United ...
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Not only is it important for athletes to eat healthy, its important that they see their parents and coaches do the same. The old adage ...
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When do I Start the College Recruiting Process?
This is a question that every swimmer who wants to swim in college is faced with. Too many times swimmers and their parents don’t consider ...
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Develop Your Own Pre-Race Routine
Want to swim faster and more competitively?   If your answer is YES here is another quick question and the answer might surprise you.   When coaches ...
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